Eye Candy, animate launch of Windows icons & folders


Bored of seeing static folder icons and other Windows icons when you click on them to open a respective application? A small program ‘UberIcon’ can add life to ever static Windows icons and folders.

It creates a more customizable atmosphere on your desktop by extending Windows to perform new effects when you launch your icons and folders. The effects are plugin-based to give you control over the look and feel.

You can render number of effects based on theplugins you install. You can make icon to – roll, break, ripple, runaway and much more with 1.53MB sized UberIcon application. Feaures of the program:

  • It improves the look of Windows.
  • It is Plugin based and assist in complete customization.
  • Integrates with your Desktop, Explorer and most software.
  • Simple plugin SDK for creating new effects

UberIcon: Website - PluginsDownload 

After you install the software you can download and install the plugins for more effects. This FREE and cool piece of software can add extra zing in the process of opening Windows icons and folders, an eye candy!


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