Find serial number on MacBook pro


A unique serial number is used to identify individual MacBook pro systems. You can find serial number of your MacBook pro computer using either of many methods. For example, find it on about screen or locate it at the bottom of the MacBook system. You can also search for serial number printed on receipt and other packaging material of your Mac Book pro.

1. Find on About screen on MAC OSX

On the Apple Menu goto ‘About this Mac’. Then double click on version text (like version 10.1). You should see serial number visible at place where version text was displayed previously.

2. Back on MacBook pro

For latest Mac Book pro systems (from early 2009), serial number on these models is laser etched on the back of the computer. For older models, you can find serial number in the battery bay. For this, you need to remove battery from your MacBook pro.

3. On product packaging or receipt

You can find serial number on barcode label affixed on the original packaging. You may also check for serial number printed on original receipt of your MacBook pro purchase.


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