Websites to download free Music for Youtube videos


Music is an important ingredient to make videos stand out but everyone is not a music composer. Also, majority of people who create awesome videos know nothing about music production. Buying commercial music tracks for home-made videos uploaded on Youtube can be very expensive proposition. Fortunately, there are many websites that offer royalty free mp3 music downloads which can be used as background track in videos uploaded on Youtube channel.

Downloading music for use in Youtube videos

1. Youtube  Audio Library Youtube has launched “Creation Tools” which feature Audio Library section. You can browse and download any available music track. Downloaded music track can be used in videos for your Youtube channel(s). Make sure you read terms of use carefully. For more professional options with proper usage license and agreement certificate – check following music downloading sources.

Youtube audio library to download music tracks

2. DanoSongs – It is a useful website for downloading free music tracks that can be used in Youtube videos without any restrictions. If you download and use track for free, just give credit to the creator. If you do not want to give credit, buy the specific track or whole music package at attractive discounted price. There is lot of music variety like: pop rock, acoustic guitar, country music, jazz, strings, techno, hip hop, world, game music.

Dano songs music tracks for Youtube videos

Jewel Beat  There are lot of free sound effect and background music tracks which can be downloaded for use in Youtube videos. This website offer quality music at cheapest rate of 99 cents per track. If you choose to buy tracks, you will get music license agreement in your name which can be used when Youtube asks for copyright information.

Economical Music track packages for Youtube videos

download audio intro music for Youtube videos 1. Audio Intro Get 350+ tracks for $29 only. Besides Youtube videos, you can use these music tracks on other video projects, podcasts, websites in different video creation software like Camtasia.

2. Background Band For as little $10 you can access to over 100 background music tracks that can be exclusively used in Youtube videos. These tracks can also be used on monetized Youtube videos (that make money through Youtube Partner Adsense program).


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