Websites to download free Music for Youtube videos

Music is an important ingredient to make videos stand out but everyone is not a music composer. Also, majority of people who create awesome videos know nothing about music production. Buying commercial music tracks for home-made videos uploaded on Youtube can be very expensive proposition.

How to download & save Google Music tracks

There are third party (not so legal) utilities to download music files from your Google Music account. However, these are not required anymore as Google Music has added 'Download Music' feature to Google Music accounts. With a click of a button you can download and save one or more music

How to listen music on Facebook with friends

Besides posting on wall, sharing photos and chatting - now you can also listen to music tracks on Facebook with your online friends. Facebook has introduced new feature "Listen with" that allows you to listen same online music with your Facebook friends. This feature is seamlessly

Search & listen online music with Google

Google (or Googling) is a norm for searching anything on the internet. Google has now revamped its music search feature for more easy searching and listening of favorite music tracks. Google has launched new onebox for online music related search (should be available to US users

Listen Indian, Bollywood music songs on iPhone / iPod touch

Are you missing Indian bollywood music on iPhone? Well, not any more with Dhingana all ready to spread cool Indian music on iPhone / iPod touch. You can listen to latest bollywood tracks while on the move using iPhone. To get started, just grab Dhingana app or point your iPhone browser to

Search & download bollywood music ringtones at Guruji

For starters, Guruji is "India specific content" search engine. Besides searching for localized content, it has been rolling out music search features. Previously, it launched orkut and Facebook music apps to listen music online. Now, it has launched music ringtone search and download

Download 1000 free songs – new music by Windows @ Myspace

MySpace is no longer a cool place to socialize when compared to Facebook and Twitter. Well, it might get new love from users wanting to download new music, new songs (simply put - 1000 free songs download). Windows @ MySpace ( is out with this music giveaway in

Download Official Bing Tones, ringtones for phone

Microsoft is leaving nothing to imagination and trying everything to Bing across every web user. So besides refreshing daily wallpaper photo on Bing decision search, you can even get Bing on your mobile phone. bINg, biNg, binG, BING.... is what you will hear in official Microsoft Bing

Top hindi songs Dhingana music in Gmail & iGoogle

Dhingana music website has launched gadgets for Gmail and iGoogle for super easy access to top hindi songs. Gmail addicts can get daily fill of their popular Indian music with a glace at the left sidebar. You can click through more link and see host of other options to manage your favorite

Share Grooveshark music on Facebook & WordPress

Grooveshark is an awesome web service to tryout music on demand before the actual purchase. It provides simple and very rich music experience. Grooveshark has now released extension to share music with Facebook friends or with blog users powered by Wordpress. Facebook users grab

Generate & download random ringtones at Wolfram

We have already seen Wolfram helping out solve complex maths integration problems. Wolfram is also doing music based on calculations resulting in cool sounding ringtones. You can togggle to listen random ringtones and download them as mini via email or get them delivered to your mobile

Download Mp3 songs / audio stream from MySpace

There are number of popular artists from music world on MySpace. Each artist has his / her audio songs on respective MySpace profile. Ever wanted to download those mp3 songs or audio streams located on specific MySpace profiles? MySpace grab utility makes this possible in few simple