Get Latest RSS Updates in your Instant Messenger


RSS Feed updates is getting more and more popular these days. One can get latest Feed updates either in their inbox or use a offline/online feedreader. Is your email newsletter being blocked by spam filters? Don’t like using a feedreader?

If yes, then here is third alternative to subscribe to RSS feed of any website: get latest updates via your instant messenger. It is possible using FeedCrier, it let you setup notification alerts for favorite feeds and get them delivered to your instant messenger. Basic features include:

  • It supports IM clients like: AIM , MSN Messenger , Jabber / GTalk.
  • Get alerts or updates in your Instant Messaging program.
  • Add FeedCrier option to your website or blog.
  • Basic service is Free and is ad supported.
  • For more features and no ads you can also go for PRO account.
  • Nothing to download or install, select the IM and feed, that is it!


A new and innovative way to get latest RSS feed updates. Surely an excellent option to stay updated for people who are always logged into their IMs, what say?


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