Have a look at Google Homepage over the Years !


Google search, it does need any introduction. It is the czar among search engines in today’s world. Coupled with number of other Google service, Google overall is a force to reckon with, I am sure Yahoo and Microsoft know that!

What was Google Search homepage like few years ago and how it has evolved over the years, here is nostalgia in images:

Google as on Nov 11, 1998 – Seems to be testing…hmmm!

Google as on Dec 02, 1998 – Raw & New!

Google as on Dec 17, 2001 – Getting Good Shape n look!

From year 2001 onwards, look of the site has not changed much. Google has added few useful links and have maintained the usual white on blue style. And yes, you do tend to see decorative Google logo on different occasions.

So, how does Google look today? Well, you do need a picture for that… Go to www.google.com and look, I am sure you have seen it so many times. Happy Googling!


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