How to Defrag individual Files Instead of whole drive?


Windows come with in-built utility of Defragmentation which is an important preventive tool to keep your computer in healthy state. Defrag help maintain files in an organized, neat manner without fragmentation.

Default Windows defrag utility only allows you to defrag the whole drive (or drive partition). This can take up hours and result in lose of productive PC usage time. With Defraggler, you can defrag individual files and thus save time.

Whenever you install a program or copy/delete data – file ends up chopped up into chunks and stored in multiple locations on the disk resulting into fragmentation. Defrag process help reduce this fragmentation and keep computer in healthy state.

After you download and install this program -  run it, select the file and defragmentation is completed quickly. Besides individual files, you can also use it to defrag the whole drive.

Besides being a FREE utility, it supports all OSs released since Windows 2000, this includes Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista.

Details: DefragglerFeaturesDownload

P.S. To use Windows default defrag utility, right click on drive icon in ‘My computer’ window and select ‘properties’ option. Then click on ‘Tools’ tab and check for defragmentation option.



  1. In my personal experience I’ve found nothing matches the efficiency of programs like Diskeeper into which years of research have gone into. The features which include realtime, defrag and invisitasking are really worth the price as once installed one neednt bother about defrag at all.

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