How to make Adobe Acrobat 6 load faster?


At times Acrobat Reader can be very slow & sleepy. It can make you wait for a long time, while you stare at Acrobat Reader’s startup splash-screen.

Slow Acrobat Reader startup can really slow up the process of accessing required PDF document. Here is a cool tip to start Adobe Acrobat reader quickly:

1. Go to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader ( or ) appropriate Acrobat Installation Directory.

2. Make a new folder ( say ‘no-plugins’ ) for all the files we are going to backup.

3.Move all the plugins from the ‘plug_ins’ directory to ‘no-plugins’ directory, except the following plugins.

  • EWH32.api
  • printme.api
  • search.api

This should speed up your Abode Acrobat application. In case PDF file format (& Acrobat) is still bugging you – convert your PDF Files into Word documents and open those files in Word thereon.

This is a guest post by Maheshwaran from MyMindLeaks (edited by Davinder from Techno Life). He has compiled a cool list of Windows Run Commands worth checking out.

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