Make 80X15 sized badges using Online Button Maker


80×15 sized buttons, also known as ‘antipixel buttons’are used by number of websites as a badges on their site, which are further used by site users on their repective sites or blogs. You can easily make such buttons or badges on the fly, like this..

This is possible using Online ‘Brilliant Button Maker’. This online service provide number of customising option to create your unique badge or button. Here is simple procedure to use this service:

  • Enter the text for left & right boxes.
  • Select the text & background color.
  • Set text spacing from ‘start text’ box.
  • Now configure border settings for color & more.
  • Click on create to see the result.

You can also use your own imagesas background for button. Browse images for left and right box background and then click on create. Now images will also appear on the button. Based on your preference you can configure further settings.

Saving the button, there 3 options for saving the output button. Use ‘Save it’ button to save button on your computer. Other options include emailing the button or uploading the button to ‘Imageshack’ Free file hosting website. Very nice tool for making buttons on the fly!


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