Make Cool Slideshow of Flickr Photos in few Seconds


Flickr fun continues this week on techno Life – tothepc. So after checking out how to make screensaver from Flickr Photos, here comes an excellent tool  to make slide-show of your favorite flickr photos in just few seconds. SlideFlickr will help you create and embed Flickr slideshows on the fly.

Procedure is really simple and easy. You need to enter a relevant Flickr URLto let this tool fetch photos from Flickr. For example: Here XXXX can be your username or any keyword.

To get Flickr set format is like: To get photos from a Flickr group format is like: After entering the URL you can simply click on ‘generate’ button to get your slideshow.

Advanced optionscan also be configured to customize the slideshow further. These options include: sideshow speed, box height & width, text, music, background and much more. Here is one slideshow created by meusing keyword ‘Bollywood’

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After you create a slideshow, you can embed it at your blog or profile at a social networking website. Incase you want to make slideshow of non-Flickr photos then check ImageLoop for some jazzy and cool slideshows.


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