Make your Computer Look Busy to do something else with Fake Progress Bar


Someone is really bugging you and want to check stuff on your computer against your wishes. You are in catch 22 situation and cannot even refuse that ‘someone’. Here is very simple solution to make you computer look busy and ask that ‘someone’ to come at a later time.

With ‘Fake Progress Bar’ application you can have a continuous progress bar on your computer indicating its busy status. However, this is all fake – while the bar is showing on the screen, you can cleverly continue with your usual computer tasks.

It can even turn OFF the screensaver to protect you from getting caught and keep that ‘someone’ away from your computer. When you run the application, fake progress bar will appear instantaneously.

Click on the cog (circular) icon on the fake progress bar for the settings page. You can configure progress bar title, status and button text. You can also display any customized icon on the fake progress bar.

Fake Progress Bar – Click here to download this Free app

No rocket science but a simple and effective alternative to deal with ‘someone’, what say?



  1. I absolutely love this idea. The fact that it is simple and fast launching is all the better. I think it will be best for those “Hey you want to go…” people who always show up when you just hit your groove. Oh, I’d love to go, but I have to wait for this to finish.

    Now I just have to come up with what “this” is so it doesn’t sound like a lie when they ask :)

  2. Looks like a good tool to fool away those pesky people :-) lol

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