Microsoft Gear up with Olympics special features


All the search biggies are preparing and rolling out special features for Olympics showdown. While Google went all hog to keep you updated on Olympic events and date, Yahoo is keen for updates on medal tally count and much more.

Here comes Microsoft in the Olympics landscape. Checkout following offerings from Microsoft to spice up your Olympics daily dose. [Go live end of friday]

Olympics 2008 news scope for up-to-date coverage with additional elements such as Olympics 2008 news images and lots more.

Olympian xRank, gives fans a way to track the popularity of their favorite athletes. For example, Michael Phelps jumped from number 19 to number one in the matter of 24 hours, yesterday to today.

Olympics Videos are when users search for “Olympics.”

Besides, background image of Live homepage will keep changing with fresh Olympics images. MSN Toolbar is also updated with new buttons: Video, Olympics and Stocks. Microsoft Special Olympics on its way!

P.S. As pointed by Neowin, all the above features are available in US. However, some features may not be available in few regions and countries.


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