Microsoft Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool to check support for advanced features


Microsoft Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool is an online utility that can assist you in troubleshooting internet connectivity and router issues.

It checks your Internet router to see if it supports certain technologies. You can use this tool on a PC running either the Windows Vista or Windows XP.

This tool can verify whether your existing Internet router supports advanced features, such as improved download speeds and face-to-face collaboration using Windows Meeting Space. You need administrator privileges to run this tool and it will not work in a firewall protected network.

This tool will install an activeX file for testing purpose. It look 50 seconds to test my internet connection with positive result for most of advance features for internet support. This tool checks for the following:

  • Basic Internet Connectivity Test
  • Network Address Translator Type
  • Traffic Congestion Test
  • TCP High Performance Test
  • UPnP Support Test
  • Multiple Simultaneous Connection States Test

Besides individual test results, it also provide summary of test results like “….Congratulations! You have basic Internet connectivity and browsing, and your Internet router should work just as well with Windows Vista as with your current/previous operating system. However, some of the new Windows Vista features are not currently supported by your router.”

Checkout Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool to check support for advanced features. It is easy, free and useful.


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