Never Miss Meeting/Special day with Countdown Timer


There are number of ways to track events and setup reminders for those special days and happenings in your life.

Some of us use reminder feature in Outlook, while many of us could be blank about such geeky features and settings (probably!).

Going back to basics, here is one easier way to track and setup reminders for those special days and events- Karen’s Countdown Timer.

It is a Free and tiny application that continuously monitors future events and reports how much time remains before they occur. It alerts you about configured special events and meets in your busy life.

Karen’s Countdown Timer use Microsoft Agent technology to add animation and speech synthesis. It can also play WAV files and send e-mail reminders.

Karen’s Countdown Timer: More information and download

For email functionality you need to install addOn application ‘Karen’s E-Mailer II’. Besides there are other add-ons available for animation and speech feature. All is free and easy to use. Now there is no reason to miss those events and occasions, what say?


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