NewsAlloy, Jazzed up Ajax Based Google Reader ?


RSS feeds are everywhere to allow you gorge more information in less amount of time. Sensing the competition standalone RSS readers NewsFire and FeedDemon have already gone Free. Even the online RSS Reader market is getting a bump.

Google Reader rules the online RSS reader space and it has a competitor in the form of NewsAlloy. Its Ajax based look is refreshing at first glance. It boasts of ‘zero refresh feature’ with Gmail style navigation.

It can hold unlimited news archive with intuitive classical style organisation as Folders or Channels. Other features include: Import/Export, Email sending and HTML Archiving. Here is the view of ‘NewsAlloy’ – a web based ajaxified RSS reader in action.

It also supports Keyboard Shortcuts for faster browsing through loads of feed content. Tags, Pinning and Flagging of content is also supported. Basic structure and positioning of elements look similar to Google Reader.

However, each elements stands out in refined design and styling. Can design attract ‘masses’ to give up Google Reader and take up NewsAlloy? Well, that may not happen.

Details: NewsAlloyScreenshotsAbout 

But, NewsAlloy does have ability to attract new RSS readers with more user friendly interface. Are you game to get friendly with NewsAlloy?



  1. I’m one of the geeks behind a new web-based RSS feed reader called “Alertle” (

    Have a look.. you just might like it :)

    One of our users had this to say: “I just found your feed reader, and i think it’s revolutionary! I use Google Reader a long time ago, but I signed up to alertle right after the demo.”

    A detailed comparison between Alertle and Google Reader is here:

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