Open Applications Quickly in few KeyStrokes with Enso Launcher


With a few easily remembered keystrokes, you can launch any application, switch to a window by name, and control the state of your windows… lots more quickly and easily with Enso Launcher. It is designed to give you instant access to your applications and windows.

Usually we access application from desktop icons or from start menu. However, we can only have limited icons on desktop. Regarding start menu, not many computer users know how to access certain application directly from Start Menu, like:

  • Do you know where Notepad is in your Start Menu?
  • How about direct access link to calculator in Start Menu?

Yes, you can find links to above application after spending some valuable time and causing bit of frustration. Enso Launcher works quickly, easily and transparently and you will actually forget that you are using it.

Here goes… Hold down the Caps Lock key, and type a few characters of the command you want to run. For examples, “open photoshop,” or “open internet explorer.” Enso shows you the best match it can find, as fast as you can type.

You can configure any key in place of caps lock key. Almost every setting is user configurable. However, give it a shot with default settings. Enso is free application and runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista.

Enso Launcher: Click here for More info and Download

Remember, this is not a start menu replacement. It is an addon that lets you do everything a start menu can do plus few more things in less time.


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