Print Wikipedia Articles without Images & Extra Clutter


Wikipedia is a huge source of information about any topic, person or object. It does have ‘printable version’ button on the left sidebar of every Wikipedia article. However, using that button prints all the images and extra formatting clutter on the paper.

Usually we only need text matter minus images and annoying text cluttering links. Lexisum provide clutter free printing of Wikipedia articles on the fly. Just the enter the keyword and relevant Wikipedia article will appear.

It will have no images, no hyperlinks and of course no messed up text. Select the printing mode among A4, A5, A6 etc and print the article cleanly. Here is how the Wikipedia article, ready for print look at Lexisum.

Please note Lexium only prints the summary of a Wikipedia article and not the complete article. Since most of the time summary is enough to understand a particular topic, this should not be an issue.

Lexium – Click here to print  Wikipedia articles with Lexium

As pointed by Mark, FireFox users can use Aardvark FireFox plugin to facilitate similar article printing. Still, Lexisum is a better option to print Wikipedia articles minus the clutter.


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