How to create spiced up Posters from personal pics?


Want to see your son’s birthday picture or your wedding picture covering the wall of your bed room in grand style. We have already seen online tools to create ASCII posters and wall posters.

Poster Forge is a free download-able application that lets you do more than just creating posters. With easy to use interface you can create spiced up posters from your personal photos.

You can embed and integrate your pics in motivational poster, a movie poster as well as a Old West “Wanted” poster in few simple clicks. You can save your new posters and publish them on the Internet on myspace, flickr etc.

It also has in-built tool that allows you to print your spiced up posters to grace a wall in your house. Download Poster Forge (2.7MB) for creating posters.

It works fine with Windows 2000, XP, Vista. Free version stamps small watermark on each poster. Premium version does not stamp any watermark and can be used for commercial purpose.



  1. can you create one for me for free??

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