Share Your Google Activities using Google Profiles


You may not be using all Google products but surely hooked to couple of them. Now Google is giving you a ‘face or identity’ as a Google product(s) user with ‘Google Profile’. A Google Profile is simply how you represent yourself on Google products. It lets you tell others a bit more about who you are and what you’re all about.

Fear of your Google activities getting Public? Well, do not worry at all about this. Some use different Google services for personal and professional activities and surely wont want all of them to be linked and made public. This is not the objective of Google Profiles.

Yes, Profiles will be surely public but what you enter in the profile is all in your control. You can add/edit blogspot blogs, webpages etc you want, it is sharing as much (or as little) as you’d like. Profile contain basic information about yourself: a nickname (the real name is displayed only to your contacts), your occupation, your location, a list of links, a photo and a short description.

What is the need? Until now, you could create profiles in Blogger, orkut, Google Groups, Google Co-op and all of them could contain different information. You could also add photos in Gmail, Google Talk and orkut, so the situation started to become confusing. This will provide you common identity with regard to interface with Google products. Besides other users can also known ‘more’ about you.

Your Profile may even appear in search engine. There are already more than 100 profiles attached to Google Maps pages. Maybe Google will even create a directory for profiles and start to suggest friends based on personal descriptions, location and activity streams. [via]


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