Some Serious Typing Fun, how fast can you type?


Typing a fun activity? Well it can be fun if you are trying to outdo somebody or trying to test your ability to type faster. Most of us while typing only move few fingers, while some us prefer typing with one han – this reduces the overall speed to type.

How about taking a typing test to check your current typing speed? Yeah this may pop some surprising results. I type with both my hands never thought would clock speed of 31 (with 2 errors, damn!). Now you can test and improve your typing speed with cool online tool apty named ‘Keybr’.

You can select the type of keyboard among – English, Russian, German, French and Spanish. There total of 3 lessons/levels with varying difficulty level to test your typing skills.

Besides you can also see the chart showing your growth in terms of speed and of course errors. No registration stuff required, click here to open Kerybr and start typing.

Hey, do remember to type in the speed and number of errors you make in the comments below. No cheating, please!



  1. @Anselm, great going!

  2. I had got 33 speed with no mistakes

  3. Cool… I got stumped at speed 31 with 2 errors !

  4. haha.. i got 57 speed with 2 mistakes…

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