Test drive ‘Fennec’ Firefox for Mobile on your PC


Early release of mobile version of Firefox is now available for download and test drive. This release is only for testing purpose to gather and engage user feedback.

This release is meant for the OS2008 (“Maemo”) software platforms that runs on the Nokia N810 Internet Tablets. Install Fennec for your Nokia N810.

NO Nokia N810 ? – INSTALL IT ON PC
You can still test drive Fennec to provide feedback, write add-ons, and get involved by installing a version of Fennec for your Windows, Max OSX, Linux.

You can install PC version to test drive this ‘Firefox for mobile’ on your computer. It supports bookmarks, smart URL bar, tabbed browsing with thumbnail images, integrated Web search and easy access to multiple search engines. Sounds interesting? [More Info here]



  1. At last….Now i can browse the web on the mobile where ever i go i can now stay connected.


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