View & delete +1 links on Google Profile page


Once you enable Google +1 feature, you can click +1 button next to links (or websites) of your liking on Google Search result pages. As more and more links are liked using +1 button, a list of such liked content is created on Google Profile page. You can view all the +1 button liked content at one place under +1’s tab on Google Profile page.

Manage all +1 content on Google Profile page

1. Open webpage and login into your Google Profile.

2. Click the +1’s tab to view listing of links (websites) liked by you using +1 button.

3. Click X button next to link (or content) that you want to delete or remove from your list of liking. Confirm you want to delete this +1 for final change.



  1. Hi, I want to add +1 like button on my profile but enable to do this. Can India people add google new feature on their profile. Pls provide me solution.

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