View Mobile Websites in Firefox Browser


This will be new for those who have not yet browsed internet on their mobile phones. Websites on phones looks different, infact very different.

Try to open a WAP portal on Internet Explorer, you will surely get an error message. However, now you can view mobile websites right in your FireFox Browser using a plugin.

Here is the plugin download link with installation instructions and more information about the plugin itself.You can try out website like: for services like: Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, SMS, News, Photos etc. Bollywood Zone, Free downloads, Game Fest, Hollywood Zone, Models Zone, Music Mela, Send SMS Jokes etc.



  1. You can find the detailed explanation of view trimmed down mobile sites in firefox browser at

  2. Very useful information. Thanks a lot.

  3. Thank you Vineet for this add on info!

  4. Thanks for the info…
    But Internet Explorer 7 supports WAP there are many WAP emulator for example ‘Wapsilon’

    You can also try has inbuilt WAP Browser.

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