Watch CNN Live on computer in Windows Media Player


CNN is one of the best source to get latest news from world-over. With current election season, you may want to catch CNN live on your computer.

Here is a quick tip to watch CNN Live without bells and whistles. Checkout simple procedure to get going:

  • Open Windows Media Player on your computer.
  • Press [CTRL U] buttons together, you will see a popup.
  • Then paste the following URL and click on OK.


After little bit of initial buffering, you can enjoy smooth live telecast of CNN – right in the comfort of your computer. Thanks Martin



  1. Some time ago CNN had stopped broadcasting its video for media player. You may now view live video using flash. For live CNN flash video visit

    You may watch the live video and accept or decline the use of Octoshape. What is Octoshape ->

    Octoshape – end user license agreement.


  2. can any body pls tewll me how can i watch the fnrl of mj live

  3. hey guys, there you can watch CNN, and other TV programs such as BBC ABC FOX ITN and so on

    the website is :

    please select what you want to watch, and then enjoy them

  4. Yes it really works

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