Webmaster or Blogger : Who are you ?


So, do you run a blog or website? If yes, what would you like to identify as: a Blogger or a webmaster.

One can’t be both at any given time, though you can change roles at different times. Webmaster, as I would define is  a person who master his website, while a blogger is one who keeps in the constant flow of blog content and updating.

Even though both: webmaster and blogger are different we all still tend/try to be both. However, in most cases one ends up as a Blogger rather than a Webmaster. So, what differentiate a blogger from a webmaster, here goes…

1. Look and Design of a site - A Blogger would put all his content on a blog with pre-designed template. Rarely one would see a person designing his own template. In some case, you will see Bloggers paying up to get custom made templates, but that is it.

Using a standard template is easy and typical characteristics of you being a blogger and not a webmaster. This is evident from number of blogs using similar- standard templates.  

I am also included, as I use predesigned Pro-blogger template. Though, I did manage to tweak it a bit, it seems I am becoming a webmaster now…hahahaha

2. Blog Features and enhancements - Being a blogger you are only interested in putting some interesting stuff. One hardly pays attention to introduce new functionalities in a site, with use of newer plug-ins.

The only other place, where blogger would sweat: other than writing a post will be Google Adsense or other AD block placement, because it money…honey!

 3. Blog Promotion - Blogger do little to promote their blogs. At best we will exchange links and post stories in bookmarking sites like Digg. Whereas a webmaster will carefully assign a budget for  promotion and get more eye balls.

As desibaba of desinotes pointed out, wish he had paid more attention in promotion, his blog would be among the top shots!

I was really impressed by LGR Webmaster Blog post Blogger are not webmasters and prompted me to pen my view on the topic. Frankly, they are no different from LGR, I would still call myself a blogger rather than a webmaster.

At the end of the day its content that matter and not the look. Though having a easy design and look does add to your advantage.

So, after this reading this, did you change your mind? Are you a blogger or webmaster?



  1. Thanks for the mention. I still consider myself a webmaster. Blogging is more of a social thing than a work thing. Being a webmaster on the other hand is solving problems and creating new and exciting ways to help deliver a message.

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