Youtube India is here with videos rocking in India


Youtube does not need any introduction but Youtube India need it. Youtube has finally launched Indian version of Youtube. Official blog announce the launch “…We are very happy to be able to bring you a localised version of YouTube for India, its diaspora and and really anyone who is passionate about India.”

Youtube India will contain all the videos found on Youtube’s global website. However, video charts will be shown according to what is popular in India. Indian flavour videos are all over Youtube India website.

Youtube India have also signed up with number of local partners who will distribute their content through YouTube. This may include existing partners like NDTV, Eros, Zoom TV and many more.

Besides watching cool videos you can also interact with Indian all over Indian and world. Now you will be more tempted to leave a Hinglish (Hindi + English) comment, instead of pure English comment on videos.

Click here and get set for Youtube India. In case you did not like something and want to suggest an improvement than head over to Youtube India Blog.


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