See Les Paul music doodle always on Google homepage


Google made Les Paul doodle to commemorate guitar legend Les Paul and it became instant hit with users. This doodle looks good, is animated well and best part – it also allows you to make music with mouse / keyboard movement. Besides the real time music play, you can also record your musical creations and relish them anytime using Les Paul music doodle. With all the goodness, you must be sorely missing the Les Paul music doodle on Google Homepage. Well, there is an easy way to view and use Less Paul music doodle everytime you open homepage of Google website.

‘Les Paul’ as default doodle on Google homepage

Using specific Chrome extension you can easily replace the default Google logo image with Les Paul music doodle. As a result, you can view, play and make music using Les Paul doodle on Google homepage anytime you like.

1. Open Google Chrome browser and then open Les Paul doodle extension webpage [ – Extension not available now, you can use web version – link at the end of the article].

2. Then click Install button for automatically downloading and installing this Chrome extensions. After install, its time to make music on Les Paul music doodle – there is nothing to configure or customize.

3. Open website and you should see Les Paul music doodle in place of default logo. Use your mouse or keyboard to play – there is even record button for recording your musical creations.

Bookmark dedicated webpage of Les Paul music doodle

Google has also created a dedicated webpage with Les Paul music doodle for you to enjoy it anytime as per requirement. Click here to open Les Paul music doodle webpage. You can press Ctrl + D keys to bookmark this webpage and add & save it to favorites.


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