10 More Tools to Search, Listen & Download Mp3 Songs


5 More tools? Well, I guess you missed the first edition where we covered 5 cool resource to search mp3 songs online. Music, music, music – everyone wants it. More you can listen/download better it is.

Icing on the cake is to access music of your taste and liking. I am sure you have used number of online tools/websites to search and download music you want. Here goes 10 more…

1. Seek Mp3 [seekmp3.info] – It lets you search the web for your favorite mp3 songs. Simply enter the keyword and start searching. Besides MP3, it can dig out any kind of audio files.

2. Mp3zy [mp3zy.com] – It has very clean interface and lets you search for mp3 songs easily. It provide both the options to listen or download songs with loads of search results.

3. Woonz [woonz.com] -Another very good website to search and download mp3 songs. You can search by artist/Band Name or Track name or any audio file you want. It also provide options to listen or download songs as displayed in search result.

4. WE7 [we7.com] – It allows you to download MP3 songs for free with the catch that each song will have a short (10 second) audio ad before the music starts. Four weeks after downloading the song, the 10 second ad at the front of the song is removed. This makes it truly a free download.

5. Chartu [beta.chartu.com] – A digg like community of artist for loads of music. Artist can upload their music and get rated by others. You can enjoy wide variety of music with diverse user participation.

6. MagnaTune [magnatune.com] – It provides you with on-demand music licensing of a selective roster of over 200 recording artists in a wide variety of genres and collections. With a few mouse clicks, you get CD quality audio files and a customized license to use them in your project.

7. Mp3Shki [mp3shki.ru] – A Russia based music search web service that check for music on sites like Last.fm, youtube and many more. You can play songs, add to playlist and even dig out actual source of a specific song.

8. SongBeat [getsongbeat.com] – It is a web-based music player for your Desktop. Songbeat allows you to search the web for music files by using an innovative search platform: Just submit the song title or artist, and Songbeat finds the music for you.

9. Groupzz [groupzz.com] – Another music search engine that let you search for music you want. You can listen the music files online or check the original source for download.

10. Qtrax [qtrax.com] – It is the world’s first free and legal peer-to-peer (P2P) digital music site. Music lovers can discover new music and legally download full-length, high-quality versions of their favorite songs while compensating both the artists and the record labels through non-intrusive and relevant advertising.

Which website do you use to search and download music? Please do share in comments for complete musical pleasure. [Image via Flickr]



  1. I prefer to download legal mp3 and save money (album for about $0.99) using websites described and compared at MP3 Websites Matrix on Squidoo

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