10 ways to access blocked Gmail at office, school, work


gmail-logo-shotAccessing email using Gmail is daily routine for many web users. Usually, work / school places do not like open access to Gmail as it results in people spending more time checking personal stuff on Gmail. Incase IT guys at your place has blocked Gmail access, here are few ways to bypass it.

1. Use different access URL – Get started by using a different URL web address to access Gmail instead of using www.gmail.com. You IT admin might have forgotten to block some URLs.

 –  http://gmail.com or https://gmail.com
 –  http://m.gmail.com or https://m.gmail.com
 –  http://googlemail.com or https://googlemail.com
 –  http://mail.google.com/mail/x/ or https://mail.google.com/mail/x/

2. Use Proxy websites to get through – There are thousands of proxy websites which can be used to access Gmail blocked in office, school or at work. See lists: here, here and here.

3. Download Gmail messages using Email Client – Instead of web browser access of Gmail, you can configure an Email client to download Gmail messages. You can use Outlook, Apples Mail, Windows Mail, Thunderbird. [See setup details here]

4, Access Gmail via Google Desktop – If you have permission to install software on your work computer that installing Google Desktop might serve the purpose. You can access Gmail using this application without getting into restrictions imposed by IT admin at your place – might just work!

5. Create password free Gmail feed – We have already disccused in detail about web service called ‘FreeMyFeed’. It allows you to generate password free RSS Feed which can be used to access Gmail contents in a web based RSS reader. Note: use discretion while sharing login details.

6. Access through iGoogle – You can try to access Gmail using iGoogle login URL [http://www.google.com/ig]. After login you can see latest Gmail messages on the left sidebar.

7. Use a website with Gmail Lite installed – You can use 3rd party websites (risky thing) which Gmail Lite software installed. Bump into few of them here at Google Search.

8. Access Gmail from Google Talk – If you have Google Talk installed on office computer, click the Gmail icon next to view button on Gtalk window. This might work, if your IT guys were too lazy to block it.

9. Make friends in IT department – If nothing works, how about getting little friendly with IT department staff? They might relax Gmail blocking for sometime so that you can get over Gmail addiction. Give it a shot, might work – we are humans!

10. Over to you – If none of the above work in trying to access blocked Gmail at work, office or school – give credit to your IT guys, they are very smart! Now its over to you, do you know any other way to get over blocked Gmail? Let us know by adding a comment.

P.S.Websites are blocked at office, work, school as they are against their policies and retain employee / student productivity. Even though studies suggest blocking websites result in lack of concentration and productivity – stick to rules and dont jump into blocked zone, ok?



  1. Blabbertabber says

    I am at school and I was trying to get to my gmail account but it won’t let me and I don’t know what an URL is……what is a URL?

  2. Forget this all tricks… & do what I am saying.. Not only Gmail, You can access Facebook, Youtube & all other sites witought getting caught in the server.
    100% Working.

    Download Ultra surfer.. No need to install it. it needs to run directly.
    Access how much you want.. but the problm is net gets little slow.
    But this is the best option available..

    go for it man…

  3. If you want to chat with out gmail contacts when ur gmail.com blocked, just login to plus.google.com and u can see the hangouts wherein you can chat… Gtalk/gmail is nothing oder than Hangout… Cheers friends… Its hangout time now… Its working here for me… am able to chat now at office where all other sites are blocked

  4. Devesh Verma says

    Thanks…. https://gmail.com worked with me….Admin u Rock..:)

  5. @all for whom none of the above techniques worked:
    A new technique:
    Way2Sms.com provides a service through which you can open your Gmail account. Since there is no word like ‘mail’ etc. in the URL, proxy doesn’t block it.
    All the 10 ways mentioned here fail for me but this worked. I guess no proxy will be ever able to block this technique (unless it blocks way2sms.com itself which is a “Text and Media Messaging” Website

  6. Hi All,

    I am a SAP Consultant and I can understand your feelings. Please log on to way2sms.com from there you can log on your Gtalk and gmail ,facebook. etc. But first you need to “enable IMAP settings”in your gmail.


  7. IT department too clever… Blocked all sites… usb access etc on PC… but only one way is left…

    What you do id.. if you have wireless broadband usb or device…. connect it to your office pc.. go in browser settings and remove proxies etc… and voila… internet OPEN.. o yesssss…

  8. Samuel Joshua says

    Thanks… it has also worked for me in one go :)

  9. Prateek Saxena says

    Point No. 10 is the best to try ……….. and its 100% result oriented…………

  10. Nothing is working !
    I’m on a school laptop, all the kids get one.
    My gmail used to work perfectly and know it tells me when I’m chating ” your offline” I don’t want it to do that….
    And sometimes it says when I try to get on it says something something problem loading page or something, its like something about Firefox not working .
    I NEED a website that will work I have tried everyone on here even in the comments tht ppl say to try , I’ve done them ALL.
    PS: Does anyone know how to unblock a Mac computer to where you can access everything with out it saying blocked ….

  11. Hats off to my IT department …not a single way is working for me not even from comments… ughh … :)

  12. Folks,

    Try logging into plus.google.com, (generally its not blocked since gplus is relatively new) here in the home page you get your gtalk friends here you can chat to glory..

    In case you find gplus is blocked try this link (google.com/accounts/ServiceLogin?service=mail) and login then click on the top extreme left link and you reach google plus


  13. You can use outlook or connect windows live mail to gmail

  14. thanks to all for giving information ………………….. if you find any new post here

  15. guys just having a nokia mobile with opera browser on internet.. here you got a solution to access any mail. just login to your account and at the end of page just click the basic html link.

  16. Install Radmin or TeamViewer, connect to your home PC and browse anything you like…

  17. Hi, Guys,
    these sites ,I m unbale to conncect gmail in office .They blocked every site which anybody mentioned in above, I tried a lot for above sites.
    Please give some other url of gmail as soon as possible
    i m waiting for ur replies

  18. velgapally says

    I am unable to make friends in the IT department

  19. Gmail Addict says


    I am unable to make friends in the IT department!!

    What to do!

  20. I am unable to access yahoo mail from my office…please suggest me some sites

  21. Hi, Guys,
    I m unbale to conncect gmail in office .They blocked every site which anybody mentioned in above, I tried a lot for above sites.
    Please give the url of gmail as soon as possible
    i m waiting for ur replies

  22. If the IT dept knows I’m on gmail (they blocked me signing in today), won’t they know I’m on another browser or site all day? I don’t want to lose my internet altogether. They have full access to our PCs remotely. I always use inprivate browsing and clear cache.

    • even that wont stop them. They can find out what your using by looking at your traffic and where its going.

  23. at my workplace nothing works given above give some great stuff that work and i am getting error as Content blocked as per HOLCIM Policy

  24. disconnect from office LAN and install your own data card to access internet

  25. we can’t chat in yahoo messenger, so please help and show the way to chat…thnx

  26. thanx buddy last two are working….
    thanks a lot.


  27. @Mira

    Try again… 3rd from above will work

  28. None of these is working so sad of me…

  29. hoorray! hats off ! now i can access gmail in school!

  30. I’m going to set up Gmail to forward all incoming mail to my work address, and only reply at home. Will create an Outlook filter to move Gmail to a folder.

  31. The internet censorship slow down all the foreign mail services at china. Gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail. Sometime i just can’t access gmail account. When I connected to FBVPN, I fund i can access it. I know it must be some one censored gmail. I google gmail censorship. I fund this.

  32. Item No, 10 is 100 guaranteed

  33. hurray!!!!!!!!!! thanx for the fantastic recommendation. https://gmail.com works for me. I was suffering without my gmail at work since 6 months. Now i have got my gmail back. Once again thanx you and keep up the good work.

    • None of the above worked for me, sadly. Although i activated POP3 and IMAP on my gmail and accessed it via outlook (which isnt banned). It all works perfectly now :)

  34. way2sms can be accessed through this alternate site called “http://www1.way2sms.com/entry.jsp”. Hope it works for u all :)

  35. Thanks really,type a spell mistake in a google search example typ instead of proxy proky youl get searches. btw: https://gmail.com worked with me arigatoXXXX

  36. my company has bee blocked way2sms website , how to open the website
    is there any alternet way to open the website (way2sms)
    plz let me know
    thank u

    • Download “UltraSurf” from google (From outside to your office), run it in your office.
      You will find 1 page to write any URL like you find in Google.
      Just type there any web address and you will be able to access any website.
      Hope it will work for you..

  37. Try using an aircard on the computer

  38. Dear all,
    Please help me out how to access way2sms from a blocked network (proxies and way2sms)

  39. super hw to check yahooo mail

  40. Java2scripts also woks…………

  41. U have done a great job… I really liked it.. Now I am able to do gmail from my office too.. i can chat chat wid mah girlfriend… good!!!!

  42. Anjali Das says

    The best way to use gmail is through way2sms.com It really helps..:)

  43. Thanks for the post… We have blocked these websites too in our office :-)

    -IT Admin

  44. Well, there is an application called, “TOR” which stands for “The Onion Network” It’s certainly worth looking at, since it both covers up how you got there, but it’s actually a pretty popular circumventation software.

  45. For blocked Gmail or other mails, you can visit kexmail.com/ or webuzz.im/mail/ .

    It is a web mail client, supports almost all email provider, including Gmail, Hotmail/Live Mail, Yahoo! Mail.

  46. M Dolores Harper Morgan says

    I can’t get my spam to delete. I try and it won’t do it. Please help me do this. Thank you Dolores

  47. Tanq for giving this mail to open the blocked gmail i am very Happy in my office to open the gmail Tankq for again hahahhahahahahahha

  48. here Myanmar also blocked gmail. help!

  49. If you really want to get around a firewall like that, set up your home PC so that you can remote into it. Either set up port forwarding on your router so RDP requests go straight to your PC, or use a service like LogMeIn or Back To My Mac. This gets around plenty of things, and works especially well if you’re in the support industry where they expect you to remote into other PCs. If your network is blocking ports 3283, 3389, 5900, or 5988, you may have to alter the port that your home PC listens on. Also, if your company or school is using a whitelist (only allowing certain sites), you may as well just use a smartphone on the cellular network to check your mail.

  50. install phproxy – you’ll get around EVERYTHING that your proxy stops. You’ll need your own webserver (which you can get for $5/month) with PHP. Javascript doesn’t always work but you can definitely check your gmail.

  51. “FortiGuard” web filtering software is blocking most of the websites like gmail, youtube, etc. Tried to log using above tactics but didn’t succeed. please help me

  52. DavidatWork says

    I’ve found that my IT guys don’t block Google’s Accounts system, so this link works:


  53. way2sms.

    this site will help

  54. After reading the above article I should give credit to my IT guys… Not a single trick works… :)

  55. +1
    You can access blocked gmail at office by using WeMail from WeBuzz.IM ( webuzz.im/mail/ ), a web mail client, supporting Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and others.

  56. i test above all thing …………………. :-(

  57. Nothing worked for me, but good information to read atleast

  58. T-BirdIsGo says

    I have a school that blocks webmail and POP access…HOWEVER, IMAP access is allowed because that’s what the teachers use to check their mail. My Hotmail is blocked at school, but I can fetch my Gmail and can even configure my Gmail to fetch Hotmail so that I don’t miss anything. I have been running Mozilla Thunderbird off my flash drive for ages now and nobody’s said a thing.

  59. you can also auto forward mails from gmail to your office mail id; this option is there in the “settings” tab in gmail. Once you activate it, your office mail id will receive an email with an activation code, input this code in your gmail the next time you are online…

  60. Jignesh Patel says

    My self Jignesh Patel, In My Office all Computers are Connected with Server and our Internet access through Server of our Office. In our Office’s Server “Sonic Wall” is Installed so we can’t Access yahoomail, orkut, gmail, facebook etc. and we can not use Server also.
    So how can we access these blocked sites from “Sonic Wall” ?
    Please Help Us…………
    Thanks in Advanced.

  61. None of the above tips worked for me :-( but i enjoyed reading these :-)

  62. you can use way2sms.com to check you yahoo and gmail accounts.

  63. TechieChick101 says

    try downloading ultrasurf… you can download it at ultrareach.com I use it at school.. and if it gets blocked, all you have to do is change the name of it and it should work again :)

  64. Sujit Bhati says

    Netwibes.com works fine

  65. Another way I just found is mypersonalbrowser.com. It creates a separate browser where you can surf freely. It’s a pay site, though, so the other methods might be better.

  66. You can also use this: access-any-website.com/unblock-gmail.php
    It is working really nice and can also do Facebook and Youtube.

  67. Netwibes.com has plugin for check gmailbox.

  68. u can access gmail at nobleWebs.com/postbox

  69. goospoos.com/2010/01/gtalk-blocked-in-office/

    this link works fine.but there may be a chance of being HACKED !!!!

  70. Please send me the latest CV template that I can use. I work for a bank in customer services

  71. Here is trick to use gtalk in office when blocked. Read goospoos.com/2010/01/gtalk-blocked-in-office/

  72. gaurav puri says

    gmail is blocked i have tried all the links it is not opening give me some good proxy sites which are new

  73. Yeah – Try using Opera as your browser (if you can download it) – works for me :)

  74. Ryan Spoolsnik says

    try the url it works for me most of the time

  75. One of these worked for me. I’ve been using gmail lite for years since all web mail is blocked by NMCI. Ugh.


  76. WeMail from WeBuzz.IM (webuzz.im/mail/ ) now supports Gmail. It’s in a UI similar to Gmail.

    WeMail is a free web mail client service, supporting not only Gmail but also other mail providers basing on IMAP/POP3/SMTP protocols.

  77. Dear Friends,

    If all the above options are not working for you, come and try my website, in which you all can be helped in many ways…


  78. Nothing works.. .. Give me some Great Stuff’s..

  79. Nothing works.. What the Hell you all Working.. Give me some Great Stuff’s..

  80. Thanks!

    The first point itself worked here in my office :D

    googlemail.com is not restricted. LOL

  81. Great help.
    I was able to get access of Gmail.
    I had tried a lot with different url and their suggestions nothing worked out.
    But your’s this option “2. Use Proxy websites to get through” it really worked once I started using proxy.

    Again Many Thanks.


  82. Try unblocked-web.co.cc/ to access blocked sites

  83. Mailuno will let you login to Gmail via a Squirrelmail IMAP webmail interface.

  84. mailuno.com
    Login to Gmail with a Squirrelmail IMAP client at Mailuno.

  85. if you have to login to the computer under your own username can the “IT” people know that you are on a blocked site?

  86. I can use portable firefox at work….

  87. use this site to unblock facebook and any blocked site proxy2me.info

  88. Use http://www.way2sms.com if basic web browsing is allowed. You will need to register your cellphone first though (you must have an Indian cellphone number to register!). But the site is cool… you can access GMail, Yahoo Mail and of course, use Way2SMS own mail portal. You can also use GTalk and Yahoo Messenger if they are blocked in your place. Not to forget, you can also send unlimited SMS to any cellphone in India… which is the main purpose of the site!!

  89. use ” ultrasurf”

  90. Oru Mayirum work aagala!!!!!

    Blocking sucks!!!!

  91. one of the tips worked for me! thanks a lot for the tips :)

  92. Thanks for the tips, however all these methods are blocked for me. I can suggest two other options that may work for some people (again, depending on the IT security of your organisation – 1) Bring in your own laptop, and connect to the wireless network – that way, you are not inheriting domain proxy settings; 2) Use a memory stick, with a portable web browser to access the web.) Last option for me would be to get an iPhone to access Gmail over mobile internet… an expensive solution, but there would be added benefits :) Cheers

  93. thanks, It worked in one go

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