Hide tabs in Chrome & restore with password

So you are using Google Chrome to surf websites in office, college or work place. Suddenly, your boss or colleague shows up to check what you are surfing on the internet. No need panic, if you can have panic button in your Chrome browser. It allows you to hide all current tabs in single

Open blocked Flickr photos by changing URL

Flickr is very popular website to browse and view lot of cool photos from around the world. Is Flickr blocked at your school, office or work place? There is alternative for every blocked service like Gmail blocked at work, here is dead simple way to access blocked Flickr photos by changing

Hide Firefox title text & favicon – privacy at workplace!

... many people looking over on your screen while you surf your favorite websites? You can add little privacy and prevent co-workers from guessing websites you are currently surfing by hiding the title bar text and favicon of websites you open. You can easily do this within Firefox browser

10 ways to access blocked Gmail at office, school, work

Accessing email using Gmail is daily routine for many web users. Usually, work / school places do not like open access to Gmail as it results in people spending more time checking personal stuff on Gmail. Incase IT guys at your place has blocked Gmail access, here are few ways to bypass

Twitter in Outlook, OutTwit hidden at work !

If you cannot get over Twitter addiction and use Microsoft Outlook on office computer all the time - then OutTwit application is for you. It allows you to remain Twitter addicted within Outlook application. You can perform basic Twitter chores within Outlook interface keeping every thing

Use Twitter at Office work, disguised as MS Excel

Twitter addictions can get you fired if you are using Twitter during office time. If your office does not allow use of Twitter but you still want to use it (can't help it) - then you could be little safe by accessing twitter using SpreadTweet. This software mimics looks of Microsoft Excel,

Send & share any webpage by email, EmailTheWeb

There are times like in Office, school etc specific websites / webpages are blocked by authorities. There are always ways to access such webpages like sharing webpages via email. We have already seen Rediff's WebinMail service, here is another one Email The Web. To get started, just enter

Access Messenger at Work in office, webuzz

We already know cool and clever way to download files while at work in office. There are similar web ways to access instant messenger in office without any need to download any software. You can try any of multi IM supported web based messengers. Meebo rules the list but since its so

Access blocked websites at work with email & WebinMail

We have already seen cool web service 'Download at Work' to download files blocked on work computer. WebinMail is a smart web service to access blocked web pages in your email (at work). Just send email to browse@webinmail.com with