5 Tools to Preview & Compare fonts in web browser


Different Fonts make things easy to look and render a unique character to any document. However, selecting best font as per requirement and working with them can be a bit of task. While the installation of fonts is easy, selecting which font to go with can be a time consuming process.

To make this process easy there are number of free web services to preview fonts. Besides you can also compare different fonts online and make a quick decision. Here goes:

1. TypetesterIt is very easy to use web based font comparison tool. It has three column layout with options to compare three type of fonts simultaneously. Besides you can edit the sample text. It also shows preview of regular, italic, bold, uppercase and lowercase – regular, italic, bold for the select font. Just scroll down and see different comparisons on the same page with your web browser.

2. STC Font Browser It shows list of installed fonts on your computer on the left slider. Click on any font in the list and see the preview on the right window. You can edit the preview text and also configure text size, special characters.

3. FontTester It provides number of configuration options for fonts. Besides checking out the live previews of different fonts, you can also configure CSS style. It also show complete character map for each font. Select and configure CSS properties on the left window and see live changes on the right window.

4. CSStypeBesides font, it lets you configure and preview number of CSS styling options. With two column layout you can configure text and setting on left window. See the changes live in the right window with: normal, bold, italics, uppercare and lowercase text attributes. Very clean interface and easy to use web tool.

5. Typotheque Font Tester Another cool way to preview fonts. This online web services allows you to preview and compare two types of fonts. You can edit the preview text, select different fonts and their sizes. Very neat and handy web service.

Above web services should make your Techno Life easy in regard to selection of fonts in your future Techno endeavours. In case you know any deserving service for the above list, please do share in comments.


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