How to change DVD region country settings


Majority of DVDs have region specific encoding and can only be played in specific regions / countries in the world. For example: DVD disc intended to be played in USA cannot be played in India. There is a workaround for playing such DVDs by changing the region settings of your DVD drive. Be careful, as you can change region code at max 5 times.

Modify DVD region playback location

1. Open ‘My Computer’ window. Right click the DVD drive and click on ‘properties’ option.

2. Then click on ‘Hardware’ tab in drive properties window.

3. Select the DVD drive from list and click ‘properties’ button at the bottom.

4. Then click ‘DVD Region’ tab. Then select new DVD region and click OK.

Warning: You can easily change DVD region but only upto 5 times. Once counter is zero, your last DVD region setting will remain forever. It won’t change, even if you reinstall Windows or physically install DVD drive in different computer.


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