Different time zones for events in Google Calendar

While planning event(s) that is spread across different countries, calculating time zone differences is very important task. You need to check on specific time zone difference of specific countries and mention time accordingly. Now you can manage all this easily using 'event time zones'

Convert IP address to Country location

IP address form backbone of the internet by giving it much needed order and organization. Each connected computer on the internet has unique IP address for easy identification and communication. Do you want to know country or location associated with specific IP address? You can extract

Block emails from specific country, region in Outlook

Do you want to block email messages that come from specific country or region? This can be easily implemented in Microsoft Outlook using "Blocked Top-Level Domains List" feature. It can block messages from email addresses with particular top level country domain or region code. Like

How to change DVD region country settings

Majority of DVDs have region specific encoding and can only be played in specific regions / countries in the world. For example: DVD disc intended to be played in USA cannot be played in India. There is a workaround for playing such DVDs by changing the region settings of your DVD drive.

See company name & country of any Mac Address

Mac Address for an electronic component is a unique number assigned by manufacturer. MAC Address view is an interesting utility that display country name, physical address and country details for any MAC address. This utility has huge database for MAC addresses and associated details of

What is Cost of Living & property in your country?

Ever wanted to know the cost of living comprising of basic prices of different items of daily use in your country? Numbeo makes this all easy with its online editable database of cost of living information of different countries world-over. To get started, select country of your choice and

See country name for any IP address information

IP addresses can overwhelm anyone due to all numbers and so many of them. Ideally, one has to reference back to check country name / location for each IP address. IPInfoOffline utility makes this process real easy by automatically showing country names associated with list of IP

View IP Address blocks by Country, exhaustive listing

Ever wanted to know IP address block associated with your country or any other country in the world. Nirsoft has complied list of IP addresses blocks by country to make this whole process easy and accessible. Country names are shown alphabetically, click on any country name and view