How to clear clipboard contents / data automatically


Clipboard hold data from your recent copy action. We tend to press Ctrl + C to copy data multiple times and then get busy attending other things on the computer. We care least to realize, anyone can access clipboard contents and later use that data. It is always advisable to clear clipboard data.

Automatically clear clipboard contents

auto-clipboard-clearIf manual clipboard clearing process is too boring, do it automatically using portable AutoClipClear utility. Just download [link] and unzip the utility.

Double click AutoClipClear icon and clipboard contents will be deleted. You will not see any display screen or dialog box. Double click of utility icon does the task of clearing clipboard data in the background. Quick and easy!

Manually clear clipboard contents

If you prefer to do this manually, here is simple procedure involving few clicks.
1. Click Start > Run
2. Type Clipbrd and click OK to see Clipbook viewer window.
3. In Clipboard viewer window, goto Edit > Delete
4. A dialog box will apearing asking to clear content, click Yes and then close the clipbook viewer.



  1. hEX3CUTiON says

    I have the easy solution. Small program created on VB NET. Only 23 KB. Created on Windows XP SP3. Should work on any XP. Don’t know if work on Vista or 7. You may need .NET Framework 3.5.

    .: Clipboard Cleaner v1.0 :.
    Download link 1:
    Download link 2:

    Good luck, and enjoy.

  2. Randall Jarrell says

    This described process to clear the clip board does NOT work in my version of Vista Home Premium.

    Any other ideas?

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