Convert copied text to uppercase & lowercase with shortcut key

Do you want to quickly convert copied text into uppercase (or lowercase) without manual editing? Ideally, copied text remain in the same state, unless you modify it after pasting it in a notepad or word processor. We have already seen tool to strip text formatting from copied text by quick

How to auto translate clipboard text to English

Any last copied text on Windows is temporarily stored on Clipboard. You can use paste (Ctrl + V) to paste and use that last copied text. There are number of utilities to extend clipboard functionality like copy paste multiple items. Klipboard translator is a portable utility that allows

Copy Paste text online between Google documents

Do you want to quickly copy paste text online between multiple Google Doc files? Now you can easily do this online just like we do offline within Microsoft Office (or on Windows) using 'Server Clipboard' feature. You can copy (Ctrl + C) from any opened Google Document and then paste (Ctrl

Backup & restore Clipboard data

By default, Windows clipboard can only store last copied data, which is available for quick paste. Do you want to recover clipboard data copied previous to last copy action? WinKlipper utility makes this all easy to backup and restore previous clipboard data. It is similar to Clips Windows

Copy Paste multiple items: Clips Windows clipboard

By default Windows Clipboard can only save one (latest) copied item. Hence you can only paste latest item be it normal text, URL text or any code. You can easily extend default Windows clipboard using Clips Windows clipboard utility. It allows you to copy and save multiple items. You can

See list of Clipboard formats available in Windows

Want to see list of formats supported by clipboard on your computer? Free portable tool "CFList" make this all easy. It shows list of formats currently available on the Windows clipboard on the left side. You can click on either format to see more details on right side like: name, type and

How to clear clipboard contents / data automatically

Clipboard hold data from your recent copy action. We tend to press Ctrl + C to copy data multiple times and then get busy attending other things on the computer. We care least to realize, anyone can access clipboard contents and later use that data. It is always advisable to clear

Save & access all copy clipboard data with Clipboardic

Wndows clipboard has limitation of keeping record of only last copied data. Clipboardic utility overcomes this limitation by keeping track of every copy action and resultant clipboard data. It maintains list of all clipboard activity which can be further used as per requirement. It neatly

How to Copy – Paste multiple items in Windows?

By default, Windows copy function only holds one item at a time. Only last item copied is available for paste and previously copied items go missing. You can extended Windows Clipboard functionality by making it remember all the copied items and allow you to paste any of the copied item