How to Copy – Paste multiple items in Windows?


By default, Windows copy function only holds one item at a time. Only last item copied is available for paste and previously copied items go missing. You can extended Windows Clipboard functionality by making it remember all the copied items and allow you to paste any of the copied item using small free utility xNeat Clipboard manager (previously called ‘Many Paste’).

Copy multiple text, files and ‘Many Paste’ will make all the available for paste. It holds all the stuff you copy and using a quick shortcut key you can view all the copied stuff. Select the desired text or file and paste it on the fly.

You can also configure and select any shortcut key to display copied text. So, copy as much you can, use shortcut key to display copied stuff, select and paste any of the copied stuff.

Download xNeat Clipboard manager (previously called ‘Many Paste’) and get set to copy-paste multiple items in Windows with ease. Clipboard extended, what say?



  1. The link is broken

  2. link is broken ! :(

  3. Once in a while someone makes that one obvious thing that is missing and makes everyone lives a whole lot better.

    One of many great little utilities I like – Hey I liked it even before I used it.


    • That’s exactly how I feel about some apps.
      Since you like that kind of stuff, I’ll give you another great application.
      Search on google for “f.lux”. That’s a little thing that adjusts the colours of your computerscreen so that the light that makes your eyes tired is reduced. Looks a little different, not much, but it ‘s a huge improvement for your eyes. And of course looking outside for 10 seconds each 10 minutes helps.

  4. Arindam Basu says

    I am using it for 2 mins only and truly I am finding it one of the most useful applications that I must have.
    I am keeping it as my MOST NEEDED softwares collection.
    It is just awesome.

  5. GREAT software!!!!!!!
    Was sick of losing my copy paste when doing several things at the same time :-)

  6. I’ve been using this for 1 minute and 20 seconds and I gotta say, it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen almost. It has exactly what I need, functions exactly as I need, no extra random stuff and for free … yeeeaaaaaaa …

  7. Wonderful, saved my time & my ass!

  8. Nice finding!!! It will save my lot time in moving files around.

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