Extract picture JPEG from Word document

Do you want to extract photos embedded in a Word document and save as JPEG image file?  This can be done in number of ways. A Word document may contain one or more images in a document file. You can copy and extract pictures manually or use free utility programs for extraction of images

How to Convert Photos into digital format

For starters: photo / image stored on digital media like CD, DVD, USB pen drive is considered to be in digital format. In more simpler terms, photos seen online on websites or stored/viewed on computer are digital images. You can easily convert normal (hard copy, printed) photos into

Download full size Flickr photos with a right click

Flickrhas huge collection of interesting photos. Downloading full size Flickr photos can be a task involving few clicks. You can make this process real easy by using Firefox extension flickr original. Just download and install Flickr original to your Firefox web browser, restart Firefox

Download & Save all images on a webpage

So you have opened a webpage with loads of images that should be copied. Now begins the tiring process of manually copying and saving each image on a webpage. Hang on - there is better, faster and easier way to do so using 'Save Images' Firefox extension. Using this, you can download and

Create PDF Files containing multiple Images Quickly

Want to create a PDF File containing your favorite images? Well, Graphics2PDF free application make this process real easy and quick. Using this application you add multiple images and create a PDF file on the fly. It supports drag and drop interface for quick arrangement of image

How to Copy – Paste multiple items in Windows?

By default, Windows copy function only holds one item at a time. Only last item copied is available for paste and previously copied items go missing. You can extended Windows Clipboard functionality by making it remember all the copied items and allow you to paste any of the copied item

How to Copy or Extract Images from a PDF File ?

Just received a PDF file loaded with images that you need to copy and save separately? Trying the usual copy paste routine? But it does not seem to work with a PDF File! No worries, you can easily copy or extract images from any PDF File without much fuss. Here is the simple