How to Convert Photos into digital format


For starters: photo / image stored on digital media like CD, DVD, USB pen drive is considered to be in digital format. In more simpler terms, photos seen online on websites or stored/viewed on computer are digital images. You can easily convert normal (hard copy, printed) photos into digital format using  a scanner.

Convert to digital format using scanner


Scanner is a hardware device (like printer). You can buy standalone flat bed scanner. Alternatively, you can buy all in one printer (which can print, scan and copy) for multiple uses. Majority of modern scanners have USB connectivity.

Connect & use scanner

Connect the cable between the scanner and USB port on the computer. Install the software for scanning using CD shipped with the scanner device. Open the scanner application, put your photo on the scanner head and click Scan button. After scanning your photo is saved in digital format.

If you only want to convert few photos into digital format, you can ask your friend with scanner for conversion. Also look for professional digital photo conversion services in your area or search online. They charge per photo conversion to digital format. Options galore, take your pick!


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