Block images on webpages in Firefox

Do you want to block images loading or being displayed while browsing specific websites? This can enhance browsing speed on slow internet connection and save on bandwidth costs. Parents can enforce strict control by blocking images on websites not fit for viewing by children. You can

Recover deleted photos: free AnyFound Recovery software

Have you accidently deleted few photos? Or someone played mischief to delete few images on the computer? AnyFound Recovery software can come handy in recovery of deleted photos. It is a free software that recovers deleted photos from specific drive / partitions. You can manually select,

Check JPEG image Quality setting of photos

JPEG Image format is highly flexible and its can be compressed to great levels. More compression result in less JPEG image size (with less visual quality of the image). Photo manipulation software like Photoshop has settings that allows you to configure exact JPEG image quality output in

How to Convert Photos into digital format

For starters: photo / image stored on digital media like CD, DVD, USB pen drive is considered to be in digital format. In more simpler terms, photos seen online on websites or stored/viewed on computer are digital images. You can easily convert normal (hard copy, printed) photos into

Remove blemishes, spots, acne marks from face photos

We have seen number of online image editing & enhancement tools which make photos more beautiful and attractive like smoothing of skin. Natural shots tend to have blemishes, spots, acne marks on close-up face photos. "Pink Mirror" is a cool online tool to remove such marks and produce

Gmail auto display images in emails from your contacts

By default, Gmail does not show images contained in a received email message. You need to click "display images below" link under email header to see images contained in email. This is done to protect from spammers, as they can extract your IP and other details when images in email are

Free image upload for sharing on Twitter & Facebook

We already know number of web services to share photos on Twitter. Ideally you can use any free image hosting website and shorten the final image URL for quick sharing on Twitter and Facebook. ImgTweet does - image upload and final image URL shortening in one go. This saves lot of time and

Access & insert Flickr images in Outlook 2007

Sharing images through email messages sent via Outlook is a daily routine for many web users. Flickr website has huge database of images which can be shared without any copyright strings (most of them). How about directly accessing and sending Flickr photos in emails created in Outlook

Free Avatars directory, download & use !

Avatars are very important for socially active and networked web users. Avatar image is your online identity and hence it is important to have a cool looking avatar. We have already seen web tools to create avatars from Youtube videos or create awesome looking 3D avatars at Meez. Hey, why

Download webpages / websites on Mac with SiteSucker

Do you want to download a webpage or website for easy offline browsing? SiteSucker does this automatically on your Mac computer. It asynchronously copies webpages, images, backgrounds, media and other files on your local hard drive. To get started, just enter the URL web address of website

Write any word or name in true web 2.0 style

Web 2.0 buzz has been going around for a while now. We have different startups with glitzy, glossy web 2.0 logos. We did cover one simple tutorial to create a jazzy web 2.0 logo - here is even simpler way to do so. Web 2.0 Write can generate any name or word in true web 2.0 style. It

3D view of Obama Inauguration from user images

We have already seen's brand new blog and HQ inauguration images clicked from space. Here is the best one - 3D view of Obama Inauguration ceremony created by images clicked by people attending the ceremony. Number of people have submitted images clicked by them to CNN