How to Save & Restore position of desktop icons?


Placement of desktop icons is a very personal thing and every user has his/her way of customizing it. Incase you change screen resolution, icon placement get all messed up and you have to spend extra time restoring favorite icon layout on the desktop screen.

Icon positioning can also go haywire when some other person uses your computer. Besides displaced icons, some could be missing as a result of deletion. You can solve displaced icon issue (not deleted icons) using small free utility DesktopOK. This utility does not require installation and is very easy to use.

To get started, download the utility, unzip it and double click on it to run. Click on save button to cpature and save the placemet of icons. You can save multiple instances and different desktop icon layout. To restore, select any saved profile and click on restore button. Very simple and handy for sometimes messy icon placement with DesktopOK [link].


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