Compare display screens & products, before you buy


Ever wanted to see visually, how old 68 cm 4×3 CRT would compare with 32 inch (81cm) widescreen LCD? How iphone will compare with pack of cards? No need to lay hands on actual products, you can compare them virutually on your computer and then head over to shop for ultimate purchase.

Display wars [via] is an interesting website for visual comparison of display screens of different sizes. You can select default sizes from drop down boxes or enter size manually for comparison results in the form of colored boxes. There is also fun element like: 42 inch widescreen LCD or Plasma versus Small Cinema Screen.

To compare size of products other than display screens, head over to SizeEasy. Homepage has huge list of recent and popular comparisons. You can click through them to view their relative size comparisons right on your computer screen. So, no more looking for actual things when you can compare anything virtually.

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