Change default font type & text size of browser

Majority of users do not bother to check and configure font settings of a web browser. We just open weblinks and start browsing web content. All modern web browsers allow users to change default text settings. You can configure to change default font type and size of text of either of web

Compress & reduce size of PowerPoint 2010 slideshow

PowerPoint slideshows provide rich visual medium to showcase and explain about any topic. However, with lot of style elements, images, video embeds - final size of PowerPoint slideshow presentation file can be very big. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 has 'Compress Media' feature for reducing

Google search wallpapers & photos of specific size

We have seen number of Google search refinement options (& operators) for specific results. Like searching for only PDF ebooks or using Google Image search to only show face images. Here is another image search refinement option based on size of image. You can specify size of

Compare display screens & products, before you buy

Ever wanted to see visually, how old 68 cm 4x3 CRT would compare with 32 inch (81cm) widescreen LCD? How iphone will compare with pack of cards? No need to lay hands on actual products, you can compare them virutually on your computer and then head over to shop for ultimate