Convert any Number to its Text Equivalent, Brain out !


Technology has made us very lazy. Now, even to make simple calculation we tend to grab our mobile phone and do the arithmetic using calculator on the mobile phone.

Yeah, such things for sure make our brain lazy. Here is one more cool tool to make brain little more lazy. [987638] – what is text equivalent of this number?

It  is “nine hundred and eighty-seven thousand, six hundred and thirty-eight”. I used ‘Num2test’ for the quick answer. Another tool to make your brain little LAZY or to make your Techno Life little EASY.

It all depends on how you view it. Click here for num2text to get text equivalent of any number you want. It works like charm even for huge numbers for example – 4365365465476

“four trillion, three hundred and sixty-five billion, three hundred and sixty-five million, four hundred and sixty-five thousand, four hundred and seventy-six”

[Photo Credit: Brenda Lillian]


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