Convert PhoneCall into text & Post to a Blog & more


When you talk on a phone most of the time person on other side is also listening you via phone. What if your are too busy to take any call at the moment and want to know about content of call at some later time? Situations like these are common and now there is an alternative to tackle the same.

Spinvox allows  you to convert your phonecall into text message. It can be accessed from any phone. Speak Freely and SpinVox will convert your words into text and send them wherever you decide: mobile, inbox, TV screen, blog and more.

Most interesting part is, number of options you have to spread that text message. Say you are in the middle of a Sporting event or rock concert. Simply start reporting by speaking into your phone and all gets converted into text. Later you can paste that text on your blog, easy!

Sometimes you can’t listen to your voicemail. And other times you can’t be bothered. Either way you don’t want it to get in the way of your entree. SpinVox serves your voicemail as text direct to your phone, quickly and reliably.

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Besides you can spread your voice to text to social networking sites, email it, send as an SMS and many more. Feel like converting your voice into text and spread, spread, spread… then got for SpinVox.

It is all Free. Besides service, their website design is very interesting. Got few tips for my future designs as well!


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