Convert Videos into EXE, No Player needed to play


There are lot of video formats and there are further more number of video codecs required to play specific videos. Installing a codec to play few videos may not be too exciting and here is an alternative to get out of vicious circle of video format and codecs.

MakeInstantPlayer is free application that converts videos into self excuting files (exe). Resultant file do not need any player, just click the file and start watching your videos. This is very useful for distributing videos, as a user doesn’t need any additional software for playback.

MakeInstantPlayer uses the MPlayer engine for playback it supports every video format (almost!). Conversion of video into EXE file is quick without lose of quality. However, resultant files are huge in size.

It also allows you to assign a URL and image to be displyed on start screen of video EXE. You can configure viewing mode among full screen or small screen at the start of video.

Download Make Instant Player [Alternate Download Link] to ease out Techno Life dealing videos!



  1. well done. i have a bunch of video needed to be converted for my new bought ipod. thanks for sharing,i will give it a try.

  2. @Someone This method is more suited for offline personal distribution as resultant exe file size is really big.

    Yes, you are right on the fact of virus and exe file sharing. One has to be careful!

  3. Isn’t this a huge security risk because people could more easily claim a virus is a legitimate video by linking to their site?

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