Convert videos to play on iPad: Free iPad converter


Besides viewing lot of personal photos and use iPad as photo frame, you can also use it to play your favorite videos. However, you need to convert videos into format that is compatible with Apple iPad device. This can be easily achieved using free iPad video converter software program.

Free iPad Video Converter program

Aleesoft Free iPad Video Converter is a simple and easy to use program for converting video format to play on iPad device. It supports high definition HD videos and also allows batch conversion of multiple videos.

You can crop video frame size, split into segments, merge files and adjust output setting as per requirement. It can convert video formats: AVI, MPEG, TS, OGM, MKV, WMV, MOD, MOV, MP4, 3GP, MPG, ASF, FlV, VOB, WMA, M4A, MP3 into MOV, MP4, M4A, MP3, WAV. Grab this tool for converting videos into iPad compatible format on PC and then tranfer videos to iPad for cool viewing.



  1. yeah, I completely agree with your views, as is known to everyone, with the growing number of ipad owners, ipad is becoming more and more popular all over the world! it is already a trend!
    iPhone, iPad, ipod and some of other digital products of Apple company are walking into people’s life gradually and plays a significant roles in our daily life. Even though there some unavoidable drawback, but we should believe iPad is striving to change everything, we are looking forward!

  2. I love free software, thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the post. I would however recommend you try Handbrake. It’s a bit more customisable than the “one click” solutions but it’s free, cross platform and converts a load of different formats.

    Download it from…. and follow this guide for a bit of background info

  4. Great product, I’m getting use to it.

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