Convert Web apps into Desktop apps with Prism within Firefox Browser


Prism is a standalone web browser than can launch any web application as a desktop application.

You can access web services like Facebook, Picassa as independent services on your computer. Well, this was history. With new updated version using Prism is more easy and simple.

Now, there is no need to install standalone Prism application. You can simply install Prism FireFox extension or plugin and access Prism with your FireFox browser.

After you install the Prism FireFox extension, browse to a web app, then select Tools > Convert Website to Application. Besides the basic functionality of transforming a web app into a desktop app, you can also pick a specific icon or favicon for various web apps.

It places each web app into its own process/profile so they don’t interfere with each other, which also makes it possible to install a web app twice and use it simultaneously with two different user accounts.

Details: Prism for FirefoxMore Info by Mozilla Labs

With Prism you can interact and use various new web applications like desktop applications, the traditional way!



  1. Baldemar Huerta says

    what is the point? just strip all the toolbars from firefox. This is as useful as tits on a boar hog. Tell me what the point is? you have to install it with a status bar to install adblock, so what is the point? What does it do that is so revolutionary that I’ve wasted an hour of my time on it?

  2. @ Sumesh Your comment was caught in spam filter. One comment was deleted and I re-created the above comment.

    Apologies for the comment deletion. Thnx a lot for the visit.

  3. I prefer standalone, firefox extension bring FF to its knees. I have subscribed to your blog, hope to read stuff like the one you have posted in past

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