Convert WMF & EMF MetaFiles to SVG format


For starters: SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. It is an XML markup language for describing two-dimensional vector graphics, both static and animated and either declarative or scripted. Images can contain hyperlinks using outbound simple XLinks. Ideally, you can open SVG files using programs like Micrsoft Visio, Inscape, CoreDraw.


While WMF and EMF are file extension format for Windows Metafile. It is a vector graphics format which also allows the inclusion of raster graphics. Essentially, a WMF file stores a list of function calls that have to be issued to the Windows graphics layer GDI in order to restore the image.

EMFConverter is a free tool that allows you to convert WMF/EMF MetaFiles into SVG format. Just select the source folder with WMF/EMF files and the output folder. Click start button to perform the format conversion. You can see conversion status in the application window. One quick and handy tool for EMF to SVG format conversion. Download EMF Converter


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