Cool Matrix Mode Chat Feature in Yahoo Messenger for Vista


Yahoo Messenger is way too simple in look just like Windows XP. It seems visual bug of Windows Vista has infected Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista in a pleasant way.

Usually one can mange multiple conversation using tabbed arrangement of chat windows. However, you still have to toggle to check latest in each chat window – NOT anymore with cool Matrix Mode Feature. With this feature you can arrange and manage Multiple chat windows as shown above.

To enable this feature, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + b on your keyboard. This will turn your tabbed conversation window into one single window with a matrix of boxes, each showing an IM conversation.

As explained by Yahoo Messenger Blog - Once you’re in Matrix Mode, just click on the conversation you want to jump into and start typing. A white box around the conversation indicates which one you’re in. As more conversations open, the layout will adjust to accommodate them.

Very handy feature if you want to chat actively with lot of friends simultaneously. This feature is only available in Yahoo Messenger for Vista, probably they can introduce this in XP version as well, what say?



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