CoolHotmail, Customize your Email ID Completely… yeah that is cool!


Are you bored of usual Email IDs like, etc. Here comes a refreshing change. Do you want an email ID like: or ???

If answer is yes, then Coolhotmail is the service you need. Microsoft has launched this unique service in India, where users can get to chose unique customized Live Hotmail id’s from a list of over 130 names/domains.

There is huge list to choose from based on different traits. Like starting with fans of movies, you can have email address on IDs like:,, and many more.

Based on the city you live in options are:,, and many more. There are more options based on your personality like:,, and many more.

There are more options based on your liking and individuality like:,,, and many more

Very refreshing and creative concept targeted at Indian Email users, Why wait? register your ID at your favorite domain at CoolHotmail website.

In case domain/name you were looking for is not available there, then request here. Microsoft is listening !



  1. thats pretty cool does anyone play runescape

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    hi plz make my id

  3. hw do i join thiz??

  4. Hey…If guys want to talk to me…my e-mail is

  5. the new hotmail. coool

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    obsessive cumpulsine rock and roll

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  9. Thats really cool

  10. Very interesting… as always! Cheers from -Switzerland-.

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  13. i want to join

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  15. just bring it on

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